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A great choice for your home because . . .

Aesthetics - No other flooring offers the warmth and rich beauty of hardwood
flooring. Wood flooring is a timeless & classic design that will stand the test of time.

Ecologically friendly - A wood floor is a natural resource that is both renewable and

Healthier - Hardwood floors are hypo-allergenic, trapping fewer allergens, bacteria
and dust mites than any other flooring.

Cost-effective - Provides 100% return on your investment by increasing the value of
your home. Homes with wood flooring sell faster and for a higher price than homes
without wood floors.

Durable & easy to maintain. Over time hardwood floors can be refinished or
repaired if needed.

Variety - Hardwood floors are available in many different species, colors and sizes.

Hardwood floors will never go out of style.
If properly maintained they will last forever.
Regularly buffing & coating your floor will remove any
surface scratches and avoid the need to resand,
protecting your investment.


A GREAT Floor!

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